If you've previously owned or traded NFTs within the NEAR network, the ShardDog project offers an opportunity to claim NFTs and BLACKDRAGON tokens, currently available on DEX. (BLACKDRAGON - affiliated with Ilya Polosukhin, Founder of NEAR Protocol)


Step 1 - To claim NFTs and tokens, visit the ShardDog website, click on Claim, input your NEAR address, then select Claim ShardDog. The tokens and NFTs will be sent to your address.


How to View and Exchange Tokens

Access the HERE wallet (If not installed, download the app on your phone, then import your account)

Upon receiving NFTs and tokens, you can trade them directly through the HERE wallet. (HERE imposes no exchange fees and provides the best DEX rates on NEAR)


It's recommended to trade for NEAR or USDC.e as they offer higher liquidity.

Track your NFTs here:


Important Information

  • The claim period spans 48 hours.
  • To qualify for the airdrop, prior interaction with any NEAR NFTs before December 1, 2023, is necessary. Both the number of interactions and the quantity of NFTs in your account impact the airdrop size.

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