In this article, we'll dive into the HERE wallet NFT collection, covering the number of NFTs available, their types, distinguishing features, current privileges, and what the future holds for owners.

The total number of NFTs stands at 2288. However, presently, there are approximately 600 NFTs in the market, accompanied by 99 poisons for their mutation, of which 35 have already found new owners. HERE wallet NFTs can be traded on Tradeport, Paras, and Mintbase.

Types of NFTs and their atributes:

COMMON (Ordinary) - 2132 NFT's.

This is the most common type of NFT with the following attributes:

  • 4 backgrounds
  • 14 clothing styles
  • 6 head variations
  • 6 mouth variations

Additionally, NFTs can undergo mutation using a special potion. All mutated NFTs have and will continue to provide more benefits for holders.

RARE - 116 NFT's.

This type of NFT distinguishes itself by having characters with masks covering their mouths, making them more unique.

NFT for beta testers - 30 NFT's

These NFTs were granted to beta-testers actively contributing to the project and providing feedback in its early stages. Their main distinctive feature is the presence of a bug on the headgear.


The rarest NFTs distributed in special contests.


NFTs representing the HERE wallet team members.

Key utilities of the HERE wallet NFT collection:

1) Increased annual APY by 1%.

NFT owners receive +1% APY on NEAR liquid staking in HERE wallet.

2) SCORE boost

Users earn points for various activities in the HERE wallet, and at the end of each week, top users receive USDT for these points.

HERE wallet NFT holders receive a multiplier for the points earned:

x1.25 for ordinary NFTs

x1.5 for mutated NFTs

This way active users can earn USDT and our NFT helps to earn more.

3) Private Telegram chat.

Access to an exclusive private Telegram chat for promptly receiving important information and participating in future events exclusively for NFT owners.

4) Participation in future airdrops.

NFTs and their mutations will play a crucial role in airdrops from HERE wallet and our partners.

There is no official announcement of the launch of the HERE token and tokenomics at the time of publishing this article

4) Merch discounts

5) Discord role

6) Partner bonuses


Owning NFTs from Here Wallet not only adds uniqueness but also unlocks numerous privileges and opportunities to engage in the project's life. Stay informed about the latest events and enjoy the world of NFTs and NEAR Protocol with benefits available only to Here Wallet NFT holders. 😊🚀

Special thanks to the user nick7lilli7.near for writing this article!

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