It's important to understand that the wallet is self-custodial, meaning only you have access to your funds. This is its key advantage and what sets it apart from competitors.

Creating a wallet

Creating a NEAR Wallet account

To create a wallet:

  1. Click on "Create new account".
  2. Come up with a wallet address and click "Continue".

You can also import an existing account via the "Log in" button.

Seed phrase

Save seed phrase

The most crucial step is to save your seed phrase. A seed phrase is a simple set of words that allows you to recover your crypto wallet.

Click on Settings -> Save seed phrase.

We recommend writing it down on paper and keeping it in a secure place. Never lose it, and never show it to anyone (even us). Anyone with access to these 12 words can access all the tokens in the wallet.

How to send tokens

Before you send tokens, you need to add NEAR to your balance. NEAR is used to cover transaction fees. NEAR Protocol fees are approximately $0.001. Learn how to add funds in this article.

How to send NEAR

  1. Press the "Transfer" button.
  2. Enter the recipient's address.
  3. Choose the token you want to send.
  4. Enter the amount of tokens.
  5. Click "Transfer."

Wallet address

NEAR Protocol supports a named address fomat for wallets, so this will be a real address on the blockchain that all exchanges and wallets support.

To view your address, click on the QR code icon at the top. To refresh the balance, tap on the three dots at the top right, and click "Reload Page."


As you can see, the wallet already has basic features. However, we have many cool features planned to build a decentralized world on Telegram with NEAR Protocol.

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