$USDC v. $USDC.e

USDC and USDCe emerge as two separate tokens within NEAR Protocol, both serving as stablecoins pegged to the US dollar. However, their fundamental disparity lies in their origins and functionality.

USDC.e: USDC.e is a "wrapped token" originally created by Circle on the Ethereum blockchain and then transferred to NEAR via Rainbow Bridge.

USDC: As NEAR Protocol evolved, the demand for native steblecoins grew and Circle launched USDC on NEAR Protocol. It is native and provides users with stability and reliability as an officially issued steiblcoin. However, there is currently more liquidity paired with USDC.e in the NEAR ecosystem.

How to convert USDC.e to USDC

The easiest way to convert USDC.e to USDC is to use the swap function of the HERE wallet (download it here). The wallet provides the best exchange rate and does not charge any fees. To make an exchange, follow these instructions:

  1. Click "Swap".
  2. Select USDC.e and USDC and enter the amount.
  3. Check the transaction details and confirm the exchange.

USDC.e security.

The safety of USDC.e depends on the security of the Rainbow Bridge. This bridge gives you wrapped USDC.e on the NEAR network in exchange for real USDC on the Ethereum network. The Rainbow Bridge is rightfully considered one of the safest bridges, but we strongly recommend exchanging your USDC.e for USDC to eliminate the risk of the bridge being compromised.

What happens if you send USDC.e to the exchange

The main centralized exchanges mostly support USDC. Therefore, avoid sending USDC.e directly to exchanges (such as Binance) to avoid losing money. In case USDC.e is mistakenly sent to an exchange, you should immediately contact exchange support. However, the refund transaction may incur significant fees, sometimes up to $500.

However, HERE wallet warns users when sending USDC.e to non-branded addresses, usually belonging to exchanges.


In conclusion, both USDC and USDC.e are stablecoins pegged to the US dollar, but they have different origins within the NEAR Protocol network. USDC.e is a wrapped token transferred from the Ethereum blockchain through the Rainbow Bridge. In contrast, USDC is a native token officially issued within the Near network. Users can conveniently convert them using HERE wallet, ensuring security and preventing errors when sending to exchanges. It is important to be aware of the security of the Rainbow Bridge and prefer exchanging USDC.e for USDC to minimize risks.

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