In the HERE update 1.3.0 you can connect Binance to your non-custodial wallet. In this article, we’ll explain in detail what it is, and how dose Binance connect works.

💡 Main idea

The idea is to use money from the balance of the exchange onchain. When you connect Binance, you create an api key that lets you quickly move assets between the exchange and your crypto wallet. Now you can remove fees from staking, use dApps, and store money safely. And at the same time use the exchange for cheap swaps and withdrawals to fiat.

🚀 New opportunities

Since you can now store assets in a non-custodial wallet and use decentralized applications directly — you have many new possibilities.

  • Stake onchain with a freeze of 3 days instead of 120 days on Binance
  • If Binance goes bankrupt as FTX, you keep your money
  • You don't pay commissions for using dApps and you do it without intermediaries

🤝 Connecting

Open App -> Settings -> Accounts connected -> +Binance

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