HERE wallet is a mobile wallet for NEAR Protocol that provides monthly reports to the community about the major news and features added to the app each month.

In this article, you’ll learn about Aurora swaps, new milestones in social media, the full support for Incriptions (NRC-20 tokens), sending USDT via phone number (even if the receiver doesn’t have a wallet), the PAGER FREEMINT campaign, and the transaction turnover through HERE wallet for swaps.

Aurora swaps

Now you can easily swap on NEAR and AURORA networks in one place on your mobile phone. Just switch the network when you swap from NEAR Protocol to the Aurora.

10k followers on Discord

Our Discord are growing rapidly, with a highly active community. Everyone can open a ticket and receive a quick response to any question.

20k followers on X

Last recap, we celebrated reaching 10k followers in X. Now, we’ve surpassed that and we’re charging ahead to our next goal! As of now, we're almost at 26k followers.


The biggest boom on NEAR Protocol in December was about minting NRC-20 tokens, and HERE wallet took the lead. It all kicked off with minting the $NEAT token and later listing it on Ref Finance and Orderly. HERE isn’t just the first wallet with swaps; it’s the only one where you can seamlessly wrap tokens from NRC-20 to the standard format for sending and trading without leaving the wallet.

Then there was a significant $1DRAGON token minting event. We developed a dedicated platform to monitor mining fees. This initiative led to a good increase in our active user base.

USDT Transfers via phone number

We introduced an exclusive function that enables USDT transfers using phone numbers. This eliminates the need to request the recipient's address and allows them to receive USDT without the necessity of pre-installing a wallet. These transfers are encrypted for security, ensuring the phone number remains untraceable during the transaction.


As part of our presentation, we launched a large campaign where users could receive a pager NFT for free. They could upgrade their NFT through transfers via a link and phone number and burn them to receive USDT in return. Over 5000 NFTs were burned within 2 days, with strict limitations for drop hunters, requiring Twitter or Telegram verification and a minimum transfer amount of $3.

Highlighting December's $2.7 Million Turnover

Just in December, the turnover on swaps through HERE wallet reached $2.7m. Such turnover is driven by the presence of major traders who find it convenient to exchange through Orderly with just one click, a well-designed incentivizing system called ‘weekly score’ where users compete for rewards every week, timely response to the meme coin and NRC-20 token boom.

December was a highly productive month, setting new records, and introducing unique features. However, January promises to be even more eventful with major announcements. Keep an eye on HERE and download the best NEAR wallet here.

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