In celebration of the largest conference in Asia, NEAR APAC, we have prepared a collection of 10,000 Starboxes.

A Starbox is an NFT on the NEAR Protocol network, but with a twist. After the drop ends, you can open the box (burn the NFT) and discover a hidden gift inside, ranging from $0.1 to $150. If you don't manage to open it within the specified time, the NFT will remain as a memory and become part of the HERE collection.

⚡️ What you can find inside the NFT:

  1. 1000 USDT divided among 552 boxes, ranging from 1 to 100 USDT.
    • 2x $100
    • 10x $10
    • 40x $5
    • 500x $1
  2. 10 HERE NFTs (floor 30 NEAR) - unlocking many features in your wallet, providing +1% APY on liquid staking, and accelerating your SCORE accumulation.
  3. +150 SCORE in 5000 boxes. A high SCORE grants access to new features, enables earning cashback for swaps and gas refunds. Additionally, the top 10 users with the highest SCORE growth receive USDT weekly (read more about SCORE).
  4. 1 Mutation Potion. A total of 99 mutation potions are issued, which can transform your HERE NFT. Mutation floor is 99 NEAR!

In total, there are over 5500 starboxes with prizes, so your chances of winning are high. You can mint a total of 3 NFTs for free.

🎉 Who can mint the NFTs?

1st NFT. Everyone with a unique device, just connect your HERE Wallet and mint in time. We recommend setting an alarm and reminder for the start of the drop.

2d NFT. Everyone who has 150+ Score. You can easily get score by making a few swaps or inviting a friend. Read more. Check in Open App -> Profile tab -> My Score

3d NFT. Verified Users. To verify your account connect your Binance account. Open App -> Settings -> Accounts connected -> +Binance

☑️ Which wallet is suitable?

You need to mint NFTs on the NEAR Protocol, and for that, you need a special wallet - HERE Wallet. It's the best mobile wallet that allows you to use any applications on NEAR. What makes it the best wallet:

  • Built-in liquid staking without fees for instant withdrawal
  • Numerous bonuses and rewards in USDT for high score and social activities
  • Ability to connect a Binance account and make transactions directly from the exchange balance

👍 You can download it for free on Google Play and the App Store. There is no need to deposit, once you create an account you will receive an 0.01 NEAR airdrop to pay for gas.

⏱️ When?

  1. Waiting List: Available from August 22nd to 26th. <<<<<<< HEAD
  2. Free Mint: Available from August 26th to 26th for 30 hours. Start at 8am UTC Add to calendar
  3. Burn NFT for Prizes: Possible from August 26th to 30th.

  4. Free Mint: Available from August 26th to 27th for 30 hours. Start at 8am UTC Add to calendar
  5. Burn NFT for Prizes: Possible from August 27th to 30th.

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If you have any questions, feel free to reach out on Discord or Telegram.

Website for free mint:

Discord > Twitter > Telegram > Telegram chat > Medium