On August 15, a new round on Gitcoin launched. Users can support projects that will change the industry in the near future. HERE is one of them.

Why I should donate?

There are many reasons why people support projects — someone likes the product or they believe in the problem the team is trying to solve. Someone keeps a NFTs or has been in the project for a long time and expects to get a airdrop if the company succeeds.

However, Gitcoin has additional reasons

  1. All donations increase by sponsors, if you donate 1$, the project can get 2–3$ in addition from the fund.
  2. Your donation is transparent and the project team can see who supported it. In the past some projects did airdrop or gave additional benefits to such users

How to support HERE?

  1. Create gitcoin passport: link
  2. Add HERE to cart: link
  3. Donate ✔️

It’s not the size that matters, it’s the participation?

The grant is given to projects with the most donors, it’s cool if you can support a large amount but even $5–10$ is usually enough!

Everyone who will support HERE Wallet in this round please write to the discord channel #gitcoin

Gitcoin link: https://gitcoin.herewallet.app

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