99 mutation potions are available. Each potion has the power to transform a single HERE Early user NFT, providing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for collectors and enthusiasts to unlock a new level of artistic expression. Once a potion is used, it cannot be utilized again, making each transformation a truly rare and exclusive event.


The impact of these mutations extends beyond the individual NFTs themselves. The introduction of mutated NFTs will bring about changes to the interface of the application, enhancing the overall user experience. As collectors unveil their transformed artworks, the platform will adapt to accommodate the new visual and interactive elements introduced by the mutations. This dynamic and ever-changing environment promises to captivate users and keep them engaged in the evolving world of digital art.

The concept of mutations goes beyond mere personalization. It also opens up exciting opportunities for NFT enthusiasts to participate in a thriving marketplace. Once a mutation potion has been used, the resulting mutated NFT can be resold or traded among users. This creates a vibrant secondary market where collectors can discover and acquire these one-of-a-kind artworks, further increasing the value and appeal of the mutations.

Mutations will be available on August 1st, hurry up and buy a potion to be ready.

Start price: 100 NEAR

Buy: TradePot

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