In the HERE update 1.3.0 the score of the account appeared. In this article, we’ll explain in detail what it is, how to get it, and why you need it

Score is a rating of activity in the app. It is attached to an account and cannot be sent to friends or bought for money. It consists of a permanent and a variable part. Permanent is accumulated for the use of certain features / contests / inviting friends and can only increase. Dynamic part depends on the balance or amount of money in steaking and can change.

What gives a high score?

  1. Private features. New features are unlocked in the app after reaching the score threshold. You can earn USDT and get gifts for the found bugs.

  2. +APY. The more score, the more profit you get from staking. Up to 8.8% per annum!

  3. Cashback. Users with score higher than 2500 can do gas free transactions between friends, get cashback for swaps, and purchase of some NFTs.


0–100 — I am not a bot 🤖 500–1500 — Start earn more APY, +0.1% for each 100 score 💸 **400, 800, 1200 **— Unlocking a secret feature 🔐 2500 — God mode. Gas free transactions / cashback for swaps ☁️

What is Weekly Score and how to earn USDT every week?

Weekly Score is a unique feature in the HERE wallet where users earn points for using the wallet. To receive USDT at the end of the week, you need to rank among the top users eligible for rewards

How to earn score?

To earn score points, you need to complete missions. You can view missions at Profile -> All missions. You can track your position at Profile -> Global ranking.

The wallet offers diverse missions suitable for both regular holders and advanced DeFi users. Some missions are passive and are completed simply by using HERE wallet, such as Staking, Daily Open, and Swap. This not only makes using the NEAR Protocol convenient but also profitable.

When does a new week start?

Each new week starts on Monday at 9:00 AM UTC.

How to claim USDT?

At the end of each weekly score event, if you are among the top users, you will see a banner in the wallet. Click the Claim button, and USDT will be automatically deposited into your address.

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