HOT is a central piece for the NEAR ecosystem inside Telegram. Because of meta-transactions, using HOT lets you do real transactions on the blockchain, play games, and pay for transfers. It is the first FT that has the functionality of native L1 blockchain tokens.

In the future, HOT won't just work with NEAR Ecosystem. After something called Chain Abstraction starts in Q2 2024, you'll be able to use HOT to do transactions on Ethereum and other networks that are like Ethereum.

You can learn all the basic functions of the wallet here

How to start mining HOT

The mining process starts as soon as you create a wallet and get your first free HOT when you click "Claim".

How to start mining HOT

After you have received your first HOT the mining process starts, but it will stop when the Storage bar fills up.


First you have a very small fire and every 2 hours you need to make sure it doesn't go out. For this purpose, there is a Storage indicator. Once this indicator is full, HOT will stop mining until you claim them.

Initially Storage is only enough for 2 hours of mining, but you can pump it up by using HOTs to increase the time of uninterrupted mining.

There are a total of 6 levels of Storage:

  • Level 0 - Wooden Storage - 2 hours - free
  • Level 1 - Metal Storage - 3 hours - 0.2 HOT
  • Level 2 - Modular Storage - 4 hours - 0.5 HOT
  • Level 3 - Liquid Storage - 6 hours - 1 HOT
  • Level 4 - Titanium Storage - 12 hours - 4 HOT
  • Level 5 - Gold Storage - 24 hours - 10 HOT

Mining Speed

How to increase HOT mining speed

The more HOT you have, the better! So the most important thing is the speed of mining. There are 3 ways to increase it:


The Fireplace is responsible for the basic speed of mining HOT, and you can level it up just like Storage using HOT.

There are 5 levels of Fireplace in total

  • Level 0 - Wood Firespace - 0.01 HOT/hour - free
  • Level 1 - Stone Firespace - 0.015 HOT/hour - 0.2 HOT
  • Level 2 - Gas Firespace - 0.02 HOT/hour - 1 HOT
  • Level 3 - Neon Firespace - 0.025 HOT/hour - 2 HOT
  • Level 4 - Neon Multi-Firespace - 0.03 HOT/hour - 5 HOT
  • Level 5 - Gold Fireplace - 0.05 HOT/hour - 15 HOT


Woods are used to significantly boost HOT mining, specifically designed for the most active users who are ready to dive deep into the NEAR Protocol ecosystem with us. To get the multiplier, you need to complete various missions.

Referral system

How to increase HOT mining speed

The most effective way to mine HOT is by inviting friends. We've set up a two-level referral system. You get an extra 20% after each claim made by your direct referral and 5% after each claim made by those invited by your referral.

To invite a friend, click on "Friends" and send the link to your friend.

Claim HOT

How to claim HOT

HOT is indeed recorded on the blockchain (on-chain) once you claim it. For each HOT claim, you need to pay a network fee, also known as gas. However, since we use the NEAR Protocol, network fees are very low (around $0.005) and are deducted for each transaction in the $NEAR token.

Initially, you have 3 free transactions (we cover the gas for you). However, afterward, to claim HOT, you have 3 options:

1. Top Up NEAR

Simply add NEAR to your address.

2. Cover gas-fee in HOT

We caution that you can do this, but it's more cost-effective to use NEAR for covering network fees.

3. Complete Missions

Complete special missions and earn free transactions.