NEAR is a fast-growing ecosystem with over 20 million users. The main wallet for NEAR is the NEAR Wallet, but it is only available in web mode.

Until a certain time, there was no convenient mobile wallet for NEAR. HERE Wallet focuses on the use of NEAR instead of storing it. You can stake, buy NEAR for BTC and other crypto and fiat, swap and more just in one app!

We will tell you how to use your NEAR — HERE!

Log in/Sign up

Seed phrase

If you have a near account, can log in using your passphrase.

  1. Click “import existing account”

  2. Click “use seed phrase”

  3. Enter seed phrase and click “find my account”

Web wallet

If you have a wallet at please follow these steps:

  1. Click “import existing account”

  2. Click “share the link”

  3. Send the link to your desktop

  4. Open the link, select account and click “Next”

  5. Click “Connect”

  6. Enter account ID and click “Confirm”

  7. You will be authorized on mobile device

NEAR Wallet is good, but HERE is better 🙃NEAR Wallet is good, but HERE is better 🙃

Setup username (free)

NEAR is available with usernames instead of addresses. Usually, they cost 0.1 $NEAR, but in the HERE app we allocate them for free. Just enter the username and click “Verify”!


  • Once you select a username, you cannot change it. The only available is to create a new account and transfer money
  • We do not recommend using your last name in the username, it can deanonymize you

Gift for you!Gift for you!

**Start earning **💵

  1. Click on the big round pink button “Earn”

  2. Click “Start stacking”

  3. Enter the amount

  4. Click “Stake”

  5. All set! Now you will receive a daily income at the rate of 8–10% p.a. on your balance

Claiming dividends

  1. Click “Claim”

  2. Wait till it is loaded

  3. Done! Your dividends have been transferred to your balance


  1. Click “Pay & Transfer”

  2. Enter the address or scan QR-code

  3. Click on the address

  4. Enter the amount

  5. Enter the note if needed and click “pay”

  6. Review and click “confirm”

  7. Awesome. You’ve sent the money

Deposit NEAR with other assets

  1. Click “Add money”

  2. Click “Buy NEAR with other crypto”

  3. Select asset

  4. Deposit BTC to the shown address

  5. Click Done after deposit

  6. You can track deposit status in Transaction history

Deposit NEAR with Visa/Mastercard

  1. Click “Add money”

  2. Select “Visa/Mastercard”

  3. Complete transaction via NEARPay

Set an NFT Avatar

  1. Click “Profile” icon in the top right corner

  2. Click “Learn more”

  3. Click “Buy & Set an avatar”

  4. Connect HERE wallet, buy NFT and it will be set as you avatar

How to use dApps

  1. Select HERE Wallet from the list of applications on the website
  2. Scan the QR code with your phone’s native camera
  3. You will be redirected to the app. Click “Confirm”

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