Inscriptions on NEAR are reaching a new level (here you can see all the plans of the sensational NEAT project, which gave thousands of percent profit) and more and more NRC-20 tokens will appear on NEAR. At the moment there is a new memcoin $1DRAGON, where you get NRC-20 tokens at the price of gas, but in the future there will be other tokens.


The HERE wallet team has developed a special site where users can enter the desired number of NRC-20 tokens and see the approximate amount of gas spent, and this is the most important!

Brief instructions

  1. Download HERE wallet and create or import an account.
  2. Go to the site and connect using HERE wallet.
  3. Enter the desired number of tokens and click Start mint.

The received tokens can be tracked directly in HERE wallet (HERE is the only wallet so far where NRC-20 tokens can be easily tracked).


  • Do not close the mint window until it is finished.
  • Always do your reserch before every such mint and keep in mind that the cost of gas can go up!

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