NEAR is now available in Metamask thanks to NEAR SNAP. This article will show you how to add NEAR to Metamask and how to sign transactions. Everyone who creates a named NEAR account in Metamask will be able to get Meta-NEAR NFT.


MetaMask Snaps is a separate application installed in Metamask wallet, which allows adding non-EVM blockchains. HERE wallet team, supported by Banyan Collective, are the official developers of Metamask NEAR SNAPS.

How to create a NEAR account

How to Add NEAR MetaMask

  1. Go to the HERE wallet site, it works as a Metamask Portfolio and will serve as the interface to interact with NEAR as Snaps technically does not support viewing balances on non-EVM networks.

  2. Click on "I already have an account" and select the "Metamask snap" option

  3. Then click "Accept" -> "Connect" -> "Install", by doing so you will install NEAR SNAP

  4. After clicking "Approve" HERE wallet will prompt you to assign a name to your NEAR account, then you need to click "Approve" a few more times.

!!NEAR Protocol supports named accounts, .near is not a domain like .eth or .ton, but a real address that is supported by all exchanges and wallets.

NEAR web wallet

If you see this screen, then you have successfully added the NEAR network to your Metamask and in our web interface you will be able to use basic wallet features such as view balance, send tokens, stake NEAR, see transaction history and more.

Private Keys and Security

It is important to understand that your private keys are stored on your Metamask, and our website serves only as an interface that displays your assets and allows you to interact with NEAR.


Since all private keys are stored on Metamask, any signatures will need to be done from Metamask. To transfer tokens, simply enter the recipient, select the asset, the number of tokens and click "Transfer", then sign the transaction using your Metamask.

Send NEAR Metamask, Transfer NEAR

Connecting to apps

Other applications on NEAR do not need to add Metamask Snaps support to Wallet Selector. Users can select HERE wallet when connecting and sign the transaction.

NEAR wallet connect, connect to dapps

NFT Airdrop


The first 20,000 users who create a named account with Metamask Snap will receive a Meta-NEAR NFT in honor of the Metamask and NEAR Protocol collaboration. We will send it within 2-5 minutes of account registration. We can only recommend to the holders of this NFT to use Metamask on NEAR Protocol more often. 😉


The tight integration of Metamask and NEAR Protocol will allow many EVM users to discover the NEAR ecosystem, and the HERE wallet team sees this as a great prospect for onboarding a large number of users. We are excited to be among the first in the big Metamask expansion on non-EVM blockchains and we will continue to develop this direction to make NEAR easier for everyone!

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