Here’s a quick summary of the last two months! In October, we introduced BOS notifications and collaborated actively with Orderly Network. We hit 10k followers on Twitter and reached $1 million in TVL in our staking protocol. November brought significant changes: gas-free transactions, sending tokens via a link, full Aurora integration, and a record-breaking $2.1 million in swaps turnover. Explore the condensed highlights of our journey towards making HERE Wallet the ultimate mobile wallet for web3.

The main news highlights for October

1. BOS notifications

Now HERE wallet users can individually enable or disable notifications from Near Social, such as likes, reposts, follows, and comments

2. Campaign with Orderly

Orderly Network launched a big galxe campaign, dedicating each partner to a separate week. HERE wallet kicked off this major event, and we’re immensely grateful to the Orderly team for it.

3. Slippage during swaps on Orderly

Orderly doesn’t calculate slippage during exchanges, and they only have IOC and FOC orders. So, the we learned to calculate slippage on our side to prevent potential losses during swaps on Orderly when the price changes suddenly or when there’s not enough liquidity. It might seem small for regular users, but the HERE team pays attention even to these details to keep our users safe.

4. 10k followers on Twitter

On October 27th, we crossed the psychological mark of 10k followers on Twitter. (As of writing this post on December 1st, we already have 17.7k followers).

5. $1m TVL in our HERE wallet liquid staking

We’ve surpassed another psychological milestone of $1 million TVL in our liquid staking protocol (as of writing this post, it’s already at $1.81m).

The main news highlights for November

1. Gas-free transactions

We are proud to announce that HERE is the first wallet who support meta-transactions. We cover transactions not only for transfers but also for swaps, staking, and much more.

2. Sending tokens via a link

We’ve integrated token sending via links through Keypom directly into the wallet. This has already found its application from onboarding web2 users to various activities in telegram chats, where users hide links with tokens in smilies.

3. Aurora mainnet + Aurora weekly score campaign + Aurora gas-free transactions

Now HERE wallet supports the Aurora network. You can view your tokens, send, and sign transactions. We don’t plan to stop there and aim to implement more unique features to make using NEAR and Aurora networks as seamless as possible.

And in celebration of Aurora’s launch, we’ve introduced the weekly score campaign with Aurora. Users are learning to use dApps on Aurora, and our weekly score mechanics are evolving into a full-fledged ‘learn to earn’ project for the NEAR community

But we didn’t stop there, and thanks to the help of the Aurora team, we were able to quickly integrate Aurora gas-free transactions as well.

4. $2.1m in swaps for November

In November alone, the turnover through HERE wallet reached $2 million. This was due to the weekly score campaigns, where we reward active users, and many hours of development to make swaps through HERE the most stable and profitable in the NEAR Protocol ecosystem.

5. Gas-free-free USDT transfers

And to cap off the month, we presented our new feature aimed at encouraging users to withdraw USDT from Binance to the NEAR Protocol instead of TRC20. Now, every user can freely create a named wallet and send USDT to anyone, anytime without even needing to be aware of network fees.

These two months were very busy. We’ve improved a lot in everything we do. Our hard work and energy in making new features and improvements have given us great results, and we’re proud of that. We’re planning to keep moving forward with the same excitement and want to thank our community for supporting us on our journey to becoming the best mobile wallet for the web3.

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