HERE team and NEAR Protocol have prepared a collection of 10 000 PAGER NFTs for the launch of the revolutionary USDT transfer method. Now you can send your tokens via link and phone number even if the recipient doesn’t have a wallet 🔥

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We chose PAGER as the basis for the collection because it was the first mass-market device for transferring messages between users. Years later, we are launching the same simple and massive possibility to send USDT by sms transfer. This is a big step towards making crypto payments available to web2 users and we are proud to contribute to this process. 🤍

There are 3 types of PAGERs (BASIC, PRO, ULTRA). You can upgrade to the latest type by completing simple tasks. The more advanced the pager, the higher its potential selling price. Nft contract: pager.herewallet.near

Sell price NFT Mint is free, however after mint there will be several stages of buyback. The price of NFT on each round is determined by the price of one point ✖ the price of NFT in points.

The price of a point is determined by the total number of upgraded NFTs released


Connect HERE wallet (the main mobile wallet for NEAR Protocol, it is available on Google Play and App Store)


You just need to authorize and follow us on Twitter or authorize through the Telegram bot. Then refresh the page and mint the pager. There may be 0.03-0.05 NEAR frozen on storage, depending on the gas price at the time of mint.

Upgrade the pager to PRO level (Free)

To do this, you need to send a friend $3 worth of cryptocurrency via a link. Click on Pay & Transfer -> Drop token with a link and send the link to your friend. Then, your friend needs to claim the tokens through the link. Then refresh the page and mint the pager.

The main condition: the transfer must be made to a recipient who has not yet received tokens via the link.

To upgrade the pager to ULTRA, send more than 5 USDT to a friend via their phone number.

  • Link your phone number (in settings or after selecting Send to phone number).

Click Pay & Transfer -> Use phone number -> enter the phone number and confirm the transaction.

The key condition is that the transfer should be either to a new user without a wallet or to a HERE wallet user who hasn’t linked his phone number.

If number transfers are not available in your country, you can improve your pager if you have >500 SCORE points

Congratulations, you’ve obtained the pager at the maximum level!

Restrictions on SMS sending

  • For now, we’ve limited sending to only USDT, but all tokens will be available later.
  • During the campaign, the minimum send amount is set at 5 USDT to prevent drop hunters as much as possible
  • SMS transfers are not available in all countries due to regional regulation. If sms is not available in your country, you can upgrage a pager using your score points.
  • If the SMS is not received, contact support, it happens because of blocking on the side of regional SMS provides.

Cancel Transaction

Until the recipient claims their tokens via the link or SMS, you can always cancel the transaction and return all sent tokens back to your wallet. To do this, go to the transaction section, select the transaction, and press Сancel pending.

How to receive tokens if they were sent to you via SMS

If the recipient doesn’t have the HERE wallet installed, clicking the link in the message will take them to the App Store or Google Play to download the HERE wallet app. Once downloaded, they’ll need to create a new wallet (or import an existing one if they have it). Then, they’ll be prompted to link their phone number and claim the tokens.

After linking the HERE wallet, in the future, it’ll recognize which address is linked to the phone number, allowing token transfers directly to that address without requiring SMS.

Security and anonymity

It is worth noting that phone numbers are not disclosed to outside users. The smart contract stores only the proof that you have attached your number to your account.

How to sell NFT Pager

When the NFT sale date arrives, you need to open the NFT pager in HERE wallet, and there will be a Sell button available.

PAGER price

Unlike other NFT collections, PAGER has a buyback budget. This is money from the HERE Wallet team that is allocated for community support. The entire budget will be spent on buyback, but the price of one NFT depends on the total number of mined NFTs at the time of sale.

Starting price is $2, $10, $20. It may decrease as new NFTs are mined and increase after January 1 on unburned NFTs - there will be few PAGERs left and further bonuses for PAGER NFT owners ahead.

Keep an eye on Twitter, there will be 3 early waves of sales. In that case, you may have time to sell the NFT before a few NFTs are mined and the price will be higher.

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