1,000,000 people already mine HOT and we are happy to announce that we are opening a new way to mine HOT - community mining in villages!

How does the fund work? Villages work on top of telegram chats. Any user can create or join one. Every time a villager claims, the village gets a 5% HOT bonus to its treasure! This money can be spent on community rewards and more.

How to join the village

  1. To create a village or join one that isn't in the top, just send a chat link to the bot

  2. Join the village from the top

  3. Join the village through the link.

How to change the village

To change villages simply join a new village. For each exit and new entry (except for the first one) you will pay fee in HOT.

Leagues of Villages

NEAR wallet Villages

Villages compete on the amount of accumulated HOT treasure. To make the competition fair, villages compete within the same league. The best villages can receive rewards and in-wallet promotion.

How to manage the village HOT’s

To manage the village's fund, you need to add the bot @herewalletbot to your chat and give it admin rights, you can deny the bot any actions related to the chat. The admin who adds the bot will have access to the village treasure in the future.


We hope that villages will give more motivation to build community. Soon we will add more multi-player features to the wallet . These are HOT giveaways to members, competitions between villages, voting for the treasure trove.

YouTube tutorial: https://youtu.be/xH-zpDQcXU0

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